Monday, September 27, 2010

Do not rush through life III

(this is the one my wife liked best)

Do not rush through life II

(this is the one my son liked best)

Do not rush through life.

 (this is the one my daughter liked best)

The stars of riches will shine on you

Hello World.

Hello World.  I have this fascination with the idea of being careful about what you wish for.  A real "glass half empty" kind of mindset.

Fortune cookies are a nightmare for me.  All of these great things are promised.  Fortune! Popularity! Wishes come true!  So much opportunity for disaster that it gives me hives (not literally, that would be a disaster).

I always imagine how these fortunes could come true in the worst possible way.  So I thought I'd share these warped imaginings, what could possibly go wrong?